DC Universe Will Meet The Watchmen in 2017


When the DC Universe Rebirth one shot by Geoff Johns was released, it hinted that Watchmen had some involvement in the overall New 52 universe and was now becoming more involved, as Batman found a Watchmen button.

Since than only a few moments have occurred furthering that idea, making fans wonder if we will ever see Dr. Manhattan or any members of the Watchmen universe appear any time soon?

Geoff Johns has already announced he is returning to DC Comics as a writer with an image of Dr. Manhattan from “Watching the Watchmen” story. This was than replied by writer and artist Phil Jimenez that Geoff Johns would be writing the return of the Watchmen.

Bleeding Cool were sent private messages from DC President Diane Nelson and Co-Publisher Dan DiDio that this is in fact true. Keep in mind it is private messages, so this doesn’t make it confirmed, but it does call for a mention, since Geoff Johns and Phil Jimenez have hinted strongly at this being true.

Eric Curto
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