DC’s Legends of Tomorrow to Premiere on January 21st


Well we have known for quite some time that the new mid-season spin-Off DC’s Legends of Tomorrow,would premiere in January, but we weren’t sure when.

Now it looks like we do, during a conversation at the Paley Center with Supergirl, The Flash and Arrow Creator Greg Berlanti and Warner Bros. Television Chief Content Officer Peter Roth, let it slip that he can’t wait for January 21st when discussing the newest show that’s coming out at the panel, seen in the video below.

The rest of most of the video moves on to other Greg Berlanti shows, how he is able to juggle them all,  how the two work well together, is comedy dead question and more.

At 135.20 Peter Roth ask Greg Berlanti to discuss the story of Supergirl and how it ended up on CBS and how the President of CBS Nina Tassler was adamant about getting Supergirl on their network.

At 145.00 mark Greg Berlanti begins talking about his opinion that comic nook properties are suited better for television and how he loved comics growing up and started to name his favorite crossovers.

At 149.30 they were asked what their favorite shows were growing up with Peter Roth mentioning The Adventures of Superman, Greg Berlanti mentions several shows in which Peter Roth mentions he had worked on many of those shows.

NOTE: The actual panel doesn’t start until an Hour into the video, before than you are treated with music as the program was originally Live Streamed.

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