Diane Lane Speaks on the Infamous “Martha” Scene


When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, one of the many nitpicks that those who disliked the film made was their inability to understand the point of the scene in which Batman stops his plan to kill Superman all because Superman says the name “Martha.”

Now Diane Lane, who plays Martha Kent in the DC Extended Universe spoke on one of the extras special features for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , to give her thoughts on the scene and what it actually meant.

Superman and Batman certainly entered the superhero business from opposite roads, yet they have similar histories. There’s the loss of your original family, so they’re both orphans. And I don’t think Batman sees Superman as human until he realizes that he has mother. And I think, when Batman makes the decision to rescue Martha, Superman’s mother, in a way he’s redeeming his own sense of powerlessness he had when he could not save his own mother.

Now many of those who have loved the film, all come to this conclusion or a similar one as another criticism was the need to replay the death of Martha Wayne again was to remind the audience of where Bruce was than,  a victim powerless to save his mother and at that moment, about to be the man who let’s the mother die and even worse the man with the gun and really play on the moment where Batman becomes redeemable again.

Source: Cinema Blend 

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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  • GAB

    That scene is the most powerful scene ever shown in a comic book movie. The fact that people have criticized means that they are immature and superficial, not smart enough to understand. The scene show the real psychology behind Batman, a man who spent almost all his life trying to avenge the death of his parents, trying to avoid another event like that. People who haven’t understood that scene, they haven’t understand Batman at all, and they probably never will. Also, people have critized it, but most of them, even if they were readers, they didn’t knew that both Batman and Superman have a mother with the same name. Unfortunatley people prefer to laugh at stupid jokes in superficial movies, where NY get destroyed and the main characters they go to eat something, while the city is still destroyed. The fact that people didn’t understand a specific scene, doesn’t mean that the scene is bad, means that they aren’t able to understand some specific scenes, they’re not smart. Maybe people don’t know, but the relationship with the mother, as sons or daughters, is considered the most important relationship of every single human, considering that every single person ever lived in this world was born by a mother. In psychology, that relationship is very important for the future development of social relations, because is the base of every relationship. In that scene we see the reflection of a broken relationship, considering that Bruce’s mother was killed when he was just a kid and he spent most of his life with the trauma of the loneliness, with the fear. The sense of loneliness is the most scariest fear and only the orphans knows that a life with no parents leaves so many traumas that a person can spend his entire life with fear and pain. The name Martha is very important in this movie, is the last word that his father said and is the name of his mother, is the last memory that he has about his parentes and this is an extremely powerful concept. In the moment that Bruce hears the name of his mother, he remember every single pain that he felt in that night, every single emotion, every single trauma and sadness. One word or one memory can traumatized a person forever. Bruce realized that, for the first time in his life, is not the victim, is the executioner and he has in front of him the kind of person that he swore to protect. In that moment, has almost killed a person with a mother, not just an alien, but a being. Bruce sees the reflection of what happens the night his parents died, this is why there’s the flashback. He remembers every single moment of that night and he realized that in front of him, there’s “himself”. He choose to go save Martha Kent because that represent what we couldn’t do when he was young and is something that he tries to do for all his life, save his parents. Now he saves the mother of someone else and is a way to redeem himself, doing what he wanted to do for a long time. Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio are more smart than the audience, is a fact.

  • Yep. That’s how I took this scene.
    The other element is that Batman finally understands why Superman is fighting. Luthor is threatening his mother. In that moment, Batman understands that Lex is manipulating them both.
    It all works in together beautifully. It makes sense.