Director Chris McKay Discusses Nightwing Film and Much More


Director Chris McKay joined the podcast Shanlian on Batman to talk about the success he has had with The Lego Batman Movie, as well as his love for DC Comics, the films , how casting Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face was his own way of bringing out the Burton sequel he wanted with that character, the character of Dick Grayson and the idea of a Nightwing film happening.

McKay was recently reported to be in talks to direct a Nightwing film with Writer Bill Dubuque already on board, but from the sounds of this interview and his retweeting of the news it looks like he might be more than just in talks.  Though he does say he has no contract yet.

Chris McKay also went to Twitter to show his excitement for the Nightwing film

To hear the part about Nightwing go to 20:35

SOURCE: Shanlian on Batman

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