Mel Gibson Talks More on Suicide Squad 2


Suicide Squad had quite a night at the Academy Awards bringing home an Oscar for Best Hair and Make Up and with Mel Gibson there for his Oscar winning film Hacksaw Ridge, it was only a matter of time until someone asked him about Suicide Squad 2.

Entertainment Tonight asked him about the status of his attachment to the film and while he doesn’t know if he will do it, he did say he spoke with them about story points and feels if he can elevate the stories quality he may do it.

“I don’t know. I just met some guys about story points. It’s not a done deal or anything. But it’s just fun to shoot the bull when it comes to stories. And if we can elevate any kind of concept it’s good. We’ll see.”

David Ayer is now developing Gotham City Siren, a spin-off sequel featuring Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, so Ayer was unable to return to direct Suicide Squad 2 at the moment.

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