Dwayne Johnson Cast as Doc Savage


Despite already being cast as Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has made the announcement that he will be playing Doc Savage.

Doc Savage is a superhero originally from the pulp magazines before Superman was created and has been featured in just about every current comic book publisher.

What makes this relevant to include this new on DC Comics Movie’s website? Well from 1987-1990 Doc Savage was published by DC Comics and would return in a crossover in 2009. It’s unknown when the film will be released, but we do know those involved as you can see from the picture below. Writer/Director Shane Black of the Lethal Weapon franchise and writers Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry both from Death Note film.

It’s also not known which version of Doc Savage we may see, but it be interesting if it will explore any of the story that was featured in his DC Comics appearances. The film is set to be distributed by Sony Pictures and currently owned by Dynamite Comics.

Eric Curto
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