Eugene Choi and Pedro Pena Cast in Shazam


Deadline reported today that Ian Chen and Jovan Armand are joining the cast of Shazam as Eugene Choi and Pedro Pena, who both in the comics gain powers when sharing them with Billy Batson, who becomes the title character Shazam. All that is left is to be cast are Darla Dudley and Mary Bromfield.

When Eugene Choi shares the power of Shazam with Billy he gains the ability to control technology through his thoughts, while Pedro Pena gains an extra boost of super strength when he shares the power of Shazam.

Shazam director David F. Sandberg confirmed the news on his Instagram:

From this casting news its clear we are getting a more recent take on the character from the New 52, with the Shazam family bought back into the world. This could mean we’ll see the characters appear in the Flashpoint film where they first appeared.

Geoff Johns created the characters for Flashpoint and later added them into the New 52 timeline in back up stories for the Justice League title.

Source: Deadline 

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