Floriana Lima Has Been Cast as Maggie Sawyer on Supergirl


The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Floriana Lima has been cast as Maggie Sawyer in the second season of Supergirl.

Floriana Lima is currently known for her role in The Family on ABC, but has been in shows such as House M.D and Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Lima will be the second actress to bring the character to live action as Jill Teed played the role in Smallville.

The announcement was also spoken on by Greg Berlanti:

“I wanted to contemporize these comics that I loved growing up and have them reflect the society that we live in now,” Berlanti said. “It’s still about working in some of those very real qualities so that everyone feels represented.”

Maggie Sawyer originally comes from Star City, home of the Green Arrow and has a long history with both Superman and Batman characters, having been Captain Sawyer for the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit as well as the Head of the Gotham City Special Crime Unit. Maggie Sawyer has had working relationships with characters such as James Gordon and Dan Turpin and is currently known for being in a relationship with Katherine Kane aka Batwoman. While it’s highly unlikely we’ll see Batwoman, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a mention of the identity of Katherine Kane at least.

Floriana Lima has also shown her excitement for joining the cast:


Source: HollywoodReporter.com

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