Gareth Evans in Talks to Write and Direct a Deathstroke Solo Film


According to The Hollywood Reporter, a Deathstroke solo film titled Deathstroke The Terminator with The Raid director Gareth Evans as writer/director is in development, with no deals being confirmed to be made yet. But Evans did post a photo hinting that he is ready to go on the film as it’s the first New 52 arc for Deathstroke in trade.

Though if you look at his Instagram he is also a DC Comics and Vertigo fan.

Actor Joe Manganiello signed on to appear in The Batman when Ben Affleck signed on to write and direct, but since he stepped down in favor of director Matt Reeves taking over, there’s been no word on the status of Deathstroke being in the film.

Manganiello did stated he knew the status of the character he never stated any facts on when he’d appear or if he’d appear at all. Than Manu Bennett returned to the television series Arrow as the character, with Marc Guggenheim suggesting the film plans had changed.

The character in the comics has become more of an anti-hero, similar to Black Adam in the New 52 and recently after an arc that had him crossover with the Teen Titans and Titans called “The Lazarus Contract” he’s recruited a team to continue in a more heroic status.

Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed the news yet, so take with grain of salt, but Deathstroke co-creator Marv Wolfman shared the news with some excitement, but does state he isn’t sure if it’s true but hopes that it is.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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