Geoff Johns Already Writing Titans Script and Teases Team


Geoff Johns who has been busy at work overseeing the DC Extended Universe with Jon Berg and Zack Snyder, as well as the television aspect of DC Comics, has gone to Twitter to announced he has already started writing for the Titans pilot and even goes on to teased the line-up.

He already confirmed Beast Boy was going to be in the series.

What is interesting about this is we see Robin, not Nightwing, Kid Flash, Cyborg and Superboy in the line up. This would be very interesting, especially with Cyborg in the photo too and being a member of the Justice League. Though,he is on Teen Titans Go, so it is possible. Of course it could also just be him saying he is writing the script for the pilot and used this photo.

Titans will premiere sometime in 2018 on the DC Brand streaming service from Warner Bros.

Eric Curto
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