The Truth About the Wonder Woman Marketing Controversy


The internet has gone crazy with many Twitter users and news sites reporting the lack of marketing we are seeing for Wonder Woman, which opens next mont on June 2nd.

Some are even going as far as blaming Warner Bros. for giving Wonder Woman less focus because she is a female.

It felt necessary to write this article as it is clear many seem to have forgotten or maybe not notice how much marketing has actually been done already.

Marketing is often thought of as Trailers and TV Spots, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. Toys, restaurant participation, even magazine covers are all part of the marketing that we see to help promote a film.


In Wonder Woman’s case we have gotten a couple of trailers from the San Diego Comic Con one to the two theatrical trailers as well as teasers and that is only in America. We also have a few International trailers. This is the same with TV Spots, which in America alone we just got our 6th one.

We also have to remember what happened with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice marketing, there was a huge backlash from having too much shown, such as the fact Doomsday was the brute villain of the film.


Aside from the many trailers and TV Spots we have gotten, Justice League is another form of awareness we are getting with the character of Wonder Woman, in all the trailers we have gotten Wonder Woman has been present as just more than part of the team. This film also has gotten International trailers.


The way television works now is much different from the way it worked when Richard Donner’s Superman made fans believe a man could fly. Majority of the public do not watch commercials, streaming devices such as Netflix, DVR and other alternate ways to watch programs allow the viewer to avoid commercial ads. In fact, the only way a viewer watches a commercial is when forced, such as On Demand and the cheaper Hulu package.

Warner Bros. does not really need to go this way anymore and from a business sense it is smart, this goes for other films. It cost a lot of money for a 30 seconds TV Spot to air that many probably won’t watch anyway.

From toys to collectibles and more we have been given quite a lot of Wonder Woman, especially since her first appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. We also have shows such as Justice League Action on Cartoon Network and DC Super Hero Girls, which both feature Wonder Woman and has toys and marketing of its own. While many can argue that this is advertising for another program, it is still giving awareness of the character to the public.

Warner Bros. recently re-released the 2009 Animated Film as well to promote the upcoming film.

Magazines and posters are another way we are seeing some promotion for the film. With each having a new interview teasing what is to come.

As I stated above they have also been having Wonder Woman front and center for many of the Justice League merch.


Like with the two previous DC Extended Universe films, Wonder Woman and Justice League (with Gal Gadot representing) cast are appearing or will appear on late night and early morning shows such as Jimmy Kimmel and Live with Kelly.

Twitter is also a place where many of the people involved have posted stuff on their personal accounts about the film. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot doing the most, including participating in a Video Q&A when Wonder Woman became U.S Ambassador for a short period of time.

Writers and artist for the comic books have also been spreading the word on the film, usually having a short talk with Patty Jenkins.

All this stuff shown is only a few of many things Warner Bros. has done to let the public be aware of this film.

In fact, according to Vanity Fair the advertising for Wonder Woman has cost more than it did for Suicide Squad with five weeks left to go and this is only for the Wonder Woman film and does not include the advertising featuring her in Justice League.

So, no there is no lack of marketing for Wonder Woman, in fact Warner Bros. has done better on the advertising for this film and Justice League than they did with the last three films.

Eric Curto
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