Geoff Johns and Kevin Feige Pay Tribute to Richard Donner for Saving Superman


It’s no secret that Superman: The Movie is the standard for what many see as the definitive way to tell a superhero origin story. It told the story of the Superman, played by Christopher Reeve and took the material seriously. It was the first major comic book based film, the first one to be released by Warner Bros. and it was the first film that told general audiences that these characters could be taken seriously and were not just for kids.

Recently at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater a tribute was held for Richard Donner, the man who convinced the world a man can fly. Among those sharing their stories were Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Head of DC Films and Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, both spoke on what they remember from working with him and the legacy he left on them.

Geoff Johns, who co-write Superman: The Last Son with Richard Donner and which Man of Steel was partly inspired by. Johns also spoke on how he first read the original script of Superman: The Movie and what prompted Richard Donner to seek a rewrite and “Save Superman” as it was originally a terrible script.

Kevin Feige talked about how Richard Donner and his wife were both responsible for where he is now and mentioned that before each Marvel film’s made they watched Superman: The Movie to remind them of how a superhero film should be made, the love and the respect you must have for the characters.

You can watch the rest of the “Tribute to Richard Donner” videos below:

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