Geoff Johns Ensures Justice League is Still Zack Snyder’s Film


It’s no secret that since it was announced that Joss Whedon was taking over Justice League after Zack Snyder’s family tragedy that news sites would start to spread rumors and try to create speculation on how much Whedon was adding or changing from Snyder’s original vision of the film.

Recently with Whedon bringing in Danny Elfman to compose Justice League after Junkie XL departed to work on another film, more speculation and rumors have spread suggesting Whedon is remaking the film In his own vision.

With all this Geoff Johns, who’s the co-head of the DC Extended Universe, mocked a commentfrom a fake Joss Whedon account suggesting the film is being remade.

A fan responded making it clear that he feels Geoff Johns is trying to tell everyone that Justice League is still Zack Snyder’s film, in which Johns ended up liking the comment.

Eric Curto
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