Patty Jenkins Confirms There was No Tonal Shift to Wonder Woman Due to Blacklash


Patty Jenkins, director of Wonder Woman spoke with Business Insider about the film and how it came to be the way it turned out and to debunk the idea that Wonder Woman or any of the DC Extended Universe films were changed after the backlash to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

“It could have, and it certainly does in the industry. In our case we were incredibly fortunate, DC didn’t ever give me a mandate of tone. And I pitched to Warner Bros. and DC ten years ago, ‘I want to make the origin movie, a la the first Superman with Christopher Reeve. I want to go back and try to do a grand piece of cinema for her.’ So I had been very strong about being excited about that idea, and they really supported it from the start. So we were already just different. It’s hard to apply anything about one movie to another. So luckily, no. We just carried on. We were like, far away in England making this movie… we just trudged on.

She also discussed how different and same  her original vision was when she first approached Warner Bros. a decade ago to how it turned out now when they came to her.

“I said I wanted to make the origin story, and I wanted to make it a great love story, & have humor & all of those things as well. As far as the logistics of what period that story takes place, or who the villain is… it’s changed plenty. But that’s not the point. To me, the spirit of it has remained. And also, it feels to me like the right spirit to do Wonder Woman in anyway. Of course there could be other great versions, but she’s such a clean, grand superhero that I really liked the idea of her eliciting that kind of treatment in a big, classic movie.”

She also discusses her desire to work on the Wonder Woman sequel. What she feels is the reason there’s been little films with female leads and more.

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