Gerard Johnstone to Polish the Justice League Dark Script


Deadline is reporting that Gerard Johnstone is giving the Justice League Dark script a polish that was written by Michael Gilio. Apparently Gerard Johnstone gave an impressive presentation that landed him the job. No word on if he is also in line to direct.

Gerard Johnstone wrote and directed the 2014 horror comedy Housebound, which is reportedly what got him in the door to give his presentation for Justice League Dark.

Justice League Dark, titled Dark Universe has seen its share of setbacks, since the film was first announced 2 directors have stepped back and the film has gone through several rewrites.

There is no release date at this time, but San Diego Comic Con 2017 did show that Justice League Dark was one of the titles they’re focused on getting made.

Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed the news at this time.

Source: Deadline 

Eric Curto
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