Gotham Has No Creative Restrictions


Since Smallville premiered on The WB in 2001, Warner Bros. has often limited what characters could be used in the fear that if they used the character in a film it may confuse fans who don’t understand the different between the two universes. Even now we have seen that Warner Bros. has loosened their grip with not only The Flash appearing in the film universe and the TV Universe, but Suicide Squad appearing on Arrow, even next season as well as a brief appearance from Superman in the Supergirl pilot has shown that Warner Bros. understands that fans are smarter than that.

Now it appears that Gotham has complete creative reigns on what they want to put into their universe, within the Batman universe that is, recently DC’s Diane Nelson held a Q&A with Variety, where she spoke on any of the guidelines we know Smallville, Arrow and The Flash have had to abide by in terms of what characters they can use and here is what she had to say

She noted that Fox’s Batman prequel has no creative constraints regarding “Batman vs. Superman” and vice versa.

This has been evident within the series so far as not only have we gotten hints at The Joker’s past evolving as well as Bruce Wayne starting down his pat to becoming Batman, but we are soon to be getting Killer Croc, who will be seen in the Suicide Squad. This also means that with a little time jump we may eventually see a certain cape and cowl. Of course I’m find with us exploring more of Gotham’s deep-rooted past and don’t necessarily need Batman on the series but its great to know within the next five or so year this can evolve into a new Batman TV series.

Eric Curto
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