Green Lantern Corps Announces Writers and Describes Film as “Lethal Weapon In Space”


According to Deadline, Green Lantern Corps has locked down its writers and are moving forward with a story for the film that’s set to be released in 2020.

David S. Goyer, known for his DC Comics adaptations such as Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Dark Knight Trilogy and television series Constantine and upcoming series Krypton will be co-writing the screenplay along with Justin Rhodes, based on a story by David Goyer and Geoff Johns.  Goyer is also producing the film, with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg serving as Executive Producers.

The description reads:

The new version is described as Lethal Weapon in space, and it’s based on a comic book origin story. The focus will be on two characters: Hal Jordan and John Stewart. The latter is an African American Marine sniper before he joined the Lantern Corps and the story very much focuses on his relationship with Jordan and the Corps. The story was conceived by Goyer and Johns.

This is very encouraging as Lethal Weapon (directed by Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner) dealt with serious issues such as suicide and death but added in some humor that didn’t feel forced. It will also satisfy many fans as many want Hal Jordan, while others want John Stewart.

No director has been announced but they are on the fast track to find one.

Source: Deadline

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