Ben Affleck Confirms the Batman Movie is Still Happening


Ben Affleck has been doing promotion for his new film Live By Night and with each interview he’s being asked constantly about the status on The Batman, something many fans will understand can be exhausting for anyone, especially when they are trying to sell another film.

Affleck during his interview with IGN was asked how he is able to do all the stuff he has done this year, to which Affleck gave a breath of relief and then goes on to say he is “Very proud” of both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League and is excited for fans to see Justice League later this year.

He is than asked about what he feels is the time when working on The Batman goes from a screenplay to actually filming and he simply says:

“Like with any film if I’m(Affleck) excited for a script and we’re working on it, we’re going to make it, “He also says “There’s great stuff in it now, it just needs to get better and better. “

If you want to hear more on the interview with IGN check out the video below:

He also spoke with Fox 5’s Kevin McCarthy who listed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as his top 10 films of 2016, about directing the film and Affleck goes on to assure him “We’re good and going.”

Even during an interview on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Affeck confirms the movie is still happening, but admits to being tired of being asked about it while he’s trying to promote his latest film Live By Night.

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