Guillermo Del Toro Officially Opts Out Of Justice League Dark


Despite the rumor floating around for the past several weeks, many fans of the DCEU held faith that Guillermo Del Toro would commit to helming Warner Bros/DC’s Justice League Dark film.

However, confirmation of the rumor was recently given straight from Del Toro’s mouth, during his panel at San Diego Comic Con.

Del Toro revealed, among other things, that Warner Bros. loved the script they received for Justice League Dark, and were more than prepared to move the project into production. However, Warner Bros’s schedule seemed to be in direct conflict with Del Toro’s other commitments, namely Pacific Rim 2, which Del Toro was already in pre-production on, under Legendary Studios.

Warners liked the script, they were very enthusiastic and wanted to green-light it but they wanted it to coincide with the shoot of Pacific Rim 2,” he said. “I was put in a very difficult place facing a difficult choice, and I chose to do Pacific Rim 2.”

Though this choice might seem baffling for some—choosing a project that not as many people are clamoring for, over being on the ground floor of a burgeoning cinematic universe—apparently Del Toro was given quite the incentive for seeing Pacific Rim 2 through to completion, and making it a hit. Apparently Legendary told Del Toro that if Pacific Rim 2 does well, then they may be willing to finance a Hellboy 3 film.

Still, despite the loss, this does make for some interesting speculation. First, it’s great to hear that Warner Bros. and DC liked the script, & is prepared to move forward on it. Also, Del Toro alludes to a November date that he would have begun working on Justice League Dark, if he had accepted the job. That would have put the film somewhere within the next couple of years, on DC’s film slate; far sooner than most people perhaps expected. It begs to wonder, though, if Warner Bros. would be just as aggressive, now that they have to find another director? Del Toro’s shoes are pretty difficult to fill, but it’s been rumored that Warner Bros. would move forward on the project, with or without Del Toro.

So, what say you all? What do you think about these furthering developments surrounding Justice League Dark? What directors do you think would make great candidates to helm the film? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: The Daily Beast

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  • This makes me super sad, more so since I didn’t like the first Pacific Rim all that much, I would had rather him held off making that and worked on Justice League Dark… more so since the first Pacific Rim wasn’t THAT successful to begin with. Hopefully WB has already found a replacement.

    • I totally agree. PR was cool, but that shoulda been one of the many projects that he pushed to the back burner. The first one didn’t blow most people’s minds, so I doubt the second one will either. But it’s clear to me, that he wants to take the gamble in hopes to finally make HB3. We’ll see if it plays out in his favor.

  • Jason Morris

    If Matt Ryan can appear as Constantine on Arrow, then maybe they can gradually have the other Justice League Dark characters appear on Flash and Legends!
    That would be just fine with me!

    • Normally this would be fine for me too, but I do believe that JLD as a group should get their day in the movie sun. Establishing magic in the DCEU will only open it up greater. Plus, I definitely would like Matt Ryan as Constantine in any/all renditions, though that might be wishful thinking.

      • Jason Morris

        You may not have heard, but the Arrow producers definitely want Constantine on the show! They are working on it! I saw the interview on IGN. So maybe Matt Ryan’s time as the character might be just beginning. Regardless of NBC obviously being too stupid to appreciate what they had!

        • Indeed, we reported that news a few days ago. O’s just good to see that Matt Ryan’s Constantine is not forgotten.

  • I was wondering what the incentive was (besides agreeing to a schedule) for Pacific Rim 2. If Warner Bros. can see the value in Justice League Dark, and the slate is already buzzing, we should expect it in the somewhat near future. It would fit well, since our Anti-Hero movie Suicide Squad is going to do very well. So says me.
    I don’t know who I’d turn to for directing it, though.

    • This. Especially since June Moon/Enchantress is being featured in SS, & she has strong ties to JLD (in the comics, she was the first villain they fought as a team).