Harley Quinn-Smith role Revealed for Supergirl Lives


Kevin Smith often makes the films he makes a family affair, this is no different in his television show directing as he had Jason Mewes make a cameo in the episode of The Flash titled “The Runaway Dinosaur” and now his daughter Harley Quinn-Smith (named after the Batman villain) has a larger role in his upcoming Supergirl episode titled “Supergirl Lives”.

Entertainment Weekly released a new article showcasing some new photos from the episode which shows Harley Quinn-Smith as Izzy, a missing person that Kara decides to investigate even against Snapper Carr’s orders.

We also see in the article that Roulette returns to cause some more trouble for Supergirl when she ends up on a planet with a Red Sun.

In the midseason premiere, Harley Quinn Smith plays a missing woman named Izzy, whose disappearance has moved Kara. Even though Snapper Carr (Ian Gomez) commands Kara to leave it alone, she doesn’t and asks Mon-El (Chris Wood) to help her investigate. When the duo visits the last place Izzy was seen, they are inadvertently transported to Slaver’s Moon, a planet with a red sun — which takes away their powers — and where the downtrodden are treated as slaves. The biggest surprise, however, is that Roulette (Dichen Lachman) is running the trafficking ring.

Kevin Smith also posted his own message supporting his daughter’s appearance on the series.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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