Jared Leto as The Joker in a Skrillex and Rick Ross Music Video


Jared Leto who plays The Joker in Suicide Squad, posted a tweet a few days ago teasing that he was all dressed up as The Joker. While many were speculating on the nature of him returning to the role, Batman-News got a scoop that Jared Leto was going to be featured in a music video for Skillex and Rick Ross’ new song, that’s due to be released on July 1st.

According to the report, the song that is still not titled, was exclusively made for the Suicide Squad soundtrack. It’s not known yet if Jared Leto has any vocals in the song or if he is just there as the character, but it would seem like a waste opportunity if he didn’t chime in with some lyrics.


Jared Leto used to be known for his group 30 Seconds to Mars before he made everyone’s jaws drop with performances like Mr. Nobody and American Psycho (co-starring The Dark Knight’s Christian Bale), so when it was announced he was going to play The Joker, I said to myself “Will he use his musical talents to help promote Suicide Squad?” And it looks like I may partially be right.

Eric Curto
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