Jonathan Nolan Comments on Teaser Monologue That Didn’t Make it into Batman Begins


Jonathan Nolan who served as the co-writer to The Dark Knight Trilogy, alongside David S. Goyer and brother director Christopher Nolan, while filming Batman Begins, Warner Bros. put together a teaser to reassure fans, who were still worried about a repeat of the campy version of the previous Batman films, that there was nothing to fear. That Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale were bringing back Batman the way he was meant to be seen.

A Few days ago this teaser was put up on Reddit, where Jonathan Nolan himself discussed his feelings on the trailer and where the monologue we heard in the trailer came from.

thanks dude. I wrote this in a couple hours in my brother’s trailer while he was shooting the scene in which Bruce is arrested for stealing Wayne corp supplies on his ‘journey.’ Remains some of my favorite writing from these films. Was written specifically for the trailer. Wouldn’t have worked in the film.

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