Julie Newmar Reflects on Being Cast As Catwoman


Julie Newmar, who had the distinction of playing the first live action version of Catwoman in the 1966 TV Series Batman, gave an interview for the 50th Anniversary since the show debuted about her being cast as Catwoman and a few other memorable moments for The 13TH Dimension.


“I don’t know what other actresses were considered for Catwoman,” she told me in her distinctive purr. “Suzanne Pleshettecomes to mind. I think I flew out on the weekend after I was contacted in New York, on a Friday.


Next thing she knew she was in costume fittings and, “If I’m not wrong about all of this, we may have started shooting onWednesday.”


And the scenes that are most memorable for her, I’m pleased to say, are the ones that are most memorable for fans, as well: the extended death-trap sequence that bridges the two halves of the episode, and the dramatic, climactic chase through a darkened cavern.

“I remember there was quite a scare about females being on in the same studio as these big cats,” she recalled of the tigers used in the episode. “I remember that it was a very expensive shoot because of having those wild animals.”


“When I look at photographs of her, darling Lesley — who could walk under my own arms stretched out sideways — there she was, this little pussycat. And she was anything but this little pussycat: Smart, clever, brilliant writer of songs that she was. She’d already had big hits in the music scene and was beloved by people,” she said.

You can read the full interview at 13thdimension.com.

Julie Newmar was also meant to appear in the 1966 tie-in film but was unable to appear due to prior commitments which the role than went to Lee Meriwether, with Julie Newmar returning in the TV Series until Season 3, where Eartha Kitt took over.

Julie Newmar also made an appearance alongside The Riddler himself Frank Gorshin in the TV Movie Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam West and Burt Ward.

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