Justice League 2 Pushed Back for Batman, Zack Snyder Still Directing


When the DC Slate was announced back in 2014, it was also announced that Zack Snyder would be directing both Justice League films. Many than assumed that the critical reception for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would force Warner Bros. to find a replacement director for Justice League 2.

According to The Hollywood Reporter this is not the case, as Zack Snyder is still going to be directing Justice League 2, but that film, which was going to be released on June 14th, 2019 is now being pushed back to allow him to direct a film he’s been working on for years called The Last Photograph.

The Hollywood Reporter also announced that the Ben Affleck Batman film is taking its place, however it hasn’t been confirmed if that means it will be taking the June 14th, 2019 spot. Though there are rumors that the Doug Liman Justice League Dark film Dark Universe, may take the June 14th, 2019 spot.

With all the information we have from Joe Manganiello that pre-production on the film will be occurring sometime within the next few months, its hard to believe that the Batman solo film will not be out until 2019. It does however back up Ben Affleck’s claims that the studio has an idea of when they want to get the film out there but he doesn’t think it will be ready by than.

Eric Curto
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