Justice League Actual Opening Box Office is $94 Million


As we previously reported on Sunday, Justice League estimated box office number came in at a disappointing $96 million. Now the final number are in and Justice League came in below it’s estimated number by two million dollars, with $94 million.

There’s no disputing that Justice League opening weekend is a bust for Warner Bros. and DC Films, as it’s the first live action film to ever brings together the top and most popular characters from DC Comics as a team, on the silver screen. For it to come in below $100 million dollars domestically can be seen as a huge embarrassment for the studio.

With a reported $300 million budget, which marks the film as the most costly of the DC Films, Justice League debuting as the lowest for its opening weekend than all the previous DC Films is truly heartbreaking to witness.

Source: HollywoodReporter.com

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