Justice League Reshoots Causing Scheduling Issues


Justice League’s reshoots are still going on since they started up in May and it looks like for a couple of actors it’s causing some scheduling conflicts. According to Variety, the Justice League reshoot budget it is now at $25 million, with much of it being done in Los Angeles and London. They also report that the reshoots have taken longer than usual, due to scheduling conflicts with a few of the actors.

Henry Cavill, who’s grown a beard for  Mission Impossible 6 has had to go back and forth between production shoots, with Paramount refusing to allow Henry Cavill to shave his facial hair. This will force Warner Bros. to digitally remove the facial hair in the post-production.

Ezra Miller’s schedule’s been a tad easier to work around since the Fantastic Beasts sequel is also a Warner Bros. film, allowing for easier scheduling, but his role in  Fantastic Beasts has grown, making it an issue. While We know that Jason Momoa finished his reshoots and wrapped not too long ago.

The Hollywood Reporter writer Borys Kit added to the report stating that some of the shoot is “substantial” suggesting they are important shoots.

Ray Fisher stated this past weekend that the reshoots were minor and are almost finished, though from this article it would’ve been finished by now if the cast weren’t many in demand talent.

Justin Kroll, writer for the Variety story added to his original report on Twitter, stating that Paramount is not the only ones who didn’t want Henry Cavill to shave, so possibly Superman has one in Justice League or he is growing one for another film. He does say he couldn’t get a clear confirmation, this is why he left it out.

Source: Variety 

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