Justice League Storyboard Artist Confirms a Snyder Cut Does Exist


Jay Oliva the storyboard artist for all the Zack Snyder DC Films confirmed when responding to a series of tweets from Forbes writer Mark Hughes about Warner Bros. creating a new edit of Justice League with some more Snyder footage instead of a Snyder Cut, stated that aside from some visual FX and scenes that would’ve been filmed during reshoots to link scenes in a cohesive matter, the film is complete.

He states that Zack Snyder’s a director who doesn’t wait until the end of shooting to edit the film, but has the film already planned out. A practice many directors are known for doing.

He goes to answer a fans question about the planned reshoots and Henry Cavill’s quote about being surprised that he needed to return for more reshoots, adding that is the reason Henry Cavill was able to grow a mustache.

Finally he states that the final fight always had Superman involved as Oliva storyboarded a lot of Superman kicking ass.


He later stated that he hasn’t seen the cut but does know for a fact that all the storyboards he worked on with Zack Snyder were filmed and he does know a first cut got edited together.

With AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner’s assets fans have renewed hope that Zack Snyder will get the opportunity to finish his vision of Justice League. Zack Snyder’s working on an adaptation of The Fountainhead for Warner Bros. and is a Producer on Wonder Woman 1984, showing that the Snyder’s are still attached to Warner Bros. and DC Films despite continued belief otherwise.

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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