Kevin Smith Reviews Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition


Kevin Smith director of such films as Clerks, Chasing Amy and an episode of The Flash in season 2, has had a love and hate relationship with the recent DC Extended Universe film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Initially when he first went to see the film he described the film as having no heart.

After many fans were taken aback by his comments, knowing he is a huge DC Fan, he went again to see the film with Jay and Silent Bob co-star and friend Jason Mewes, and would go on to say he needed to see the film with a fan who can see the magic in everything. He has often said that Jason Mewes tends to like everything and has never read a bad comic, so this does go with how he describes Jason Mewes.

Recently he went onto his podcast Fatman on Batman to gives his recent thoughts on the Ultimate Edition of the film and see if the film has shed any new light on what he felt was lacking and his opinion is:

“Not really. “

He does go on with co-podcaster Marc Bernardin, who hated the original cut about what he loves about the film, such as the fighting demonstrated by Ben Affleck’s Batman and how well the choreography was. He also talks about how much he loves the introduction of Wonder Woman, with Hans Zimmer’s score kicking in and how he even shed a tear recently watching the film for the 3rd time.

After listing what he did like he than goes into what it was he felt was bad, which mainly involves Lex Luthor’s knowledge of Batman and Superman’s identities without us as an audience seeing him figuring it out. They also discuss how they feel the film was supposed to be a kids film, apparently not understanding that it’s not for kids.

After Kevin Smith and Marc Bernardin are done with what they don’t like they do begin to discuss the Justice League set visit, going on about the misconception that the lighter tone of Justice League is them “listening” to the fans.

Lastly they also talk about Geoff Johns and how excited they are about him overseeing the DC Extended Universe.

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