Kingsman: Secret Service Writer Jane Goldman Discusses Wonder Woman Success and More


Jane Goldman, most known her work writing several Matthew Vaughn films such as X-Men: First Class, Kick Ass and both Kingsman films, spoke with Comic Book Movie on her newest film The Limehouse Golem.

During the interview she discussed what her thoughts on with the success of Wonder Woman and her thoughts on the DC Extended Universe.


I haven’t really thought ahead to that kind of thing but I really love what’s going on in both of those universes right now. I don’t think there’s one particular property I’m desperate to get my hands on at the moment but the Kingsman Universe will continue to expand and this second movie opens up the world so there are a lot of other places to go with that. I continue to be an avid reader of these things, though!


I’m thrilled to see it’s a success and I’m very, very happy that it’s now been proven to the people that hold the purse strings that it doesn’t matter what gender a superhero is. I’m equally happy with male and female characters but I loved Wonder Woman and thought it was terrific and couldn’t be happier that it was the huge success that it was.

Matthew Vaughn’s rumored to be involved with Man of Steel 2, though nothing’s been confirmed it wouldn’t surprise me if she joined in on it when the time comes due to their working relationship.

Source: Comic Book Movie

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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