Krypton Assistant Editor Corey Trench Says Those Who Work on Krypton Love Zack Snyder


SyFy Channel’s news site released an article earlier today titled “Why We Love Superman, and How Snyder movies got him wrong, ” causing many waves, seeing as one of the men who created the series also wrote Man of Steel, a film by Zack Snyder. Even the tweet that shared the article threw shade at the film’s controversial end with “The Last Son Of Krypton probably should stick to a moral code and maybe not break necks. #Superman,” forgetting that in many iterations Superman’s killed with other options available to him.

Though the article is based on an interview done for The Fandom Files with author Glen Weldon, many question why SyFy would have an article like this and yet have one of those who wrote the film to be in charge of their series.

David S. Goyer, who co-created the series wrote Man of Steel and originally the series connected to the film before the studio changed it to be a standalone series. Still the series kept many aesthetics that harken back to Man of Steel, showing that the series is honoring all iterations.

The SyFy channel ran a couple of marathons in celebration for the series premiering but in both cases only showed the Christopher Reeve films, showing no love at all for Man of Steel, which actually gave life to the series to begin with.

Now Corey Trench, the Assistant Editor for Krypton posted his thoughts on the article, stating that he and many of those who work on the series love Zack Snyder and Man of Steel. He shows off his love for Man of Steel and mentions that David S. Goyer left some Easter eggs in the pilot from the movie and no one has spotted them yet.

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