Lynda Carter Cast on Supergirl in a Recurring Role


Lynda Carter has officially been cast as the President of the United States in season 2 of Supergirl, and what’s more exciting is she will be a recurring role. She is set to be in a few episodes starting with Episode 3 of the second season.

Producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti did speak a year ago about having Lynda Carter in the role as President, but due scheduling conflicts she couldn’t play the role, so its great to see it finally happen.

Lynda Carter is best known for giving life to Princess Diana/Wonder Woman in the live action series Wonder Woman in the 70’s and she returned to the world of DC as Moira Sullivan, the metahuman mother to Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, which also aired on The CW.

Fans have said they wanted Lynda Carter to make a cameo appearance in the Wonder Woman film, while that may still happen, this may be the closest we to Cater appearing in another DC product. This news was also further confirmed by Lynda Carter.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 

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