Tricia Helfer Cast as Mother of Hell on Lucifer


Tricia Helfer is officially playing Lucifer’s mother Charlotte, in the second season of the hit FOX mid-season television series Lucifer

The character’s description is as followed:

“Trapped in Hell for thousands of years by God (her ex-husband), the Mother of Angels is now free on Earth. Once reunited with Lucifer, it will become clear that she’s the one he takes after. Mom is fearless and has a strong conviction for who she is and what she deserves. However, mother and son do not share the same opinion when it comes to humanity. Everything that fascinates Lucifer about people repels Mom — a disdain that’s highlighted by that fact that Mom’s trapped in a human body for her stay on Earth. Lucifer’s desperate to find out what Mom’s up to, but she claims that all she wants is to spend time with her sons again. But can the devil’s mom really be that innocent?”

Showrunner Joe Henderson did explain the small age gap of 5 years between Tricia Helfer and Lucifer star Tom Ellis by saying

“is eternal to a certain extent,” he had the freedom to cast an actress like Helfer (who is only five years older than TV son Tom Ellis). And, creatively speaking, there are a myriad different directions he could go with the mother-son relationship. “In the comics and common mythology, it’s really not something that’s been established, so this is us doing a little world building,” he said. “This is us taking a step and exploring the answer to a question a lot of people never asked and staking our own claim. There are a lot of directions we can go and we’ve chosen one that we’re really excited about.”

Source: TV Line

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