Man of Steel Was Meant to Be a 5 Chapter Series of Movies


Ever since Man of Steel hit theaters in 2013 many questioned when we’d see the second installment. When Zack Snyder announced Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to be the next movie in the DC Extended Universe, fans debated whether it was a Man of Steel sequel or just the next movie in a building universe.

Rumors got around that David S. Goyer wrote a treatment for Man of Steel 2 with Brainiac in it before Snyder decided he wanted to see Batman in the next movie. Goyer signed on to write both a Man of Steel 2 before it got retitled Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League before leaving to create the NBC series Constantine and SyFy’s Krypton.

According to DC Animation director Jay Oliva, Man of Steel was never meant to receive a direct sequel and that it was the 1st chapter of a 5 chapter series of movies. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice would be the next chapter, along with Justice League: Part One and Justice League: Part Two, if true what would’ve been the 5th film? Snyder did say a while back that he’s working on a script with Geoff Johns, but never mentioned what the project was, could’ve this been that 5th movie?

This would make sense, with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice presented as the next chapter as opposed to the next film. Comic Books often have a series of issues that you can call chapters that tell one story and fans know that Snyder enjoys telling comic book stories in a way that comic books tell their stories too.

Jay Oliva worked on Man of Steel as a storyboard artist as well as Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman and Justice League, so if anyone knows about the inside scoop on what got planned before it shifted gears, he would.

The fact that Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and the rest of the crew had a plan going forward and that got changed due to backlash is a real shame. Snyder started the hashtag #UntilItWasnt to describe a vision for Justice League that never fully materialized and now it looks like its more than just that one film, but the overall vision.

In the 1970’s a similar situation happened when the Salkinds fired Richard Donner from finishing Superman 2 and his plans for the following installments went out the window. Looks like history repeated itself.

After this discussion Oliva goes on to explain the Batman character in the DC Extended Universe and how Superman’s heroics influence him. He explains the idea of doing a character arc where the hero must start in a bad place but rise above and succeed by the end.


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