Margot Robbie Confirms She Tried on a Court Jester Outfit for Harley Quinn


As known from the trailers for Suicide Squad, we will be seeing Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn don different outfits in the film. Though some fans of the original Harley Quinn from the 90’s animated series, were a bit disappointed that the original look for Harley Quinn in the Court Jester outfit was not included in the set of outfits seen in the trailers.

Though according to an interview with Margot Robbie by Hello Giggles, the filmmakers actually did have her dress up in Harley’s classic outfit, as well as the other outfits Harley has been known to wear.

“We tried on every variation of the costume. I cannot emphasize enough how many outfits, and how many variations of the Harley Quinn costume we tried”

She went on to list the outfits she had tried on and her satisfaction at the choice. She also talked about possibly wearing one of them in one of the sequels.

“We tried the court jester costume, we tried the corset and skirt, we tried leather pants, we tried literally every type of costume possible for her. I really love where we ended up. And who knows, maybe in the sequels we’ll go with the court jester one. I think there’s a world of possibilities.”

With the recent news that Warner Bros. is moving ahead with a Suicide Squad 2 and Ben Affleck discussing The Batman solo film being in development, sequels can mean either more than one, the Suicide Squad sequel or a mix up with a solo Batman film where she appears. Either way it’s great to know we may get an evolution of the characters costumes.

She also spoke a bit about how she got the role and how excited she is for the film to premiere.


 I was actually about to sign up for another project, and Warner Bros. heard that I was about to sign on to something else. Before I signed on, they quickly jumped in and said, “Before you do that, just consider this role, because you don’t want to miss this! You’d be right for it!” And I was like “Oh, ok, let me read the script.” And they were like, “There is no script!” And I was like, “Oookay who else is in it?” And they were like, “No one yet!” And I was like, “okay, what is this film?”

The only information [they gave me] was, “Harley Quinn, a comic book character,” and I never read the comics. Then [they told me] David Ayer [is] directing. That’s all I needed to hear. I heard David, and I was like, “Oh I’m in.” I was obsessed with End of Watch, and I thought that was such a brilliant movie, and I saw it like four times. I think he’s so talented, and to do a comic book movie with a director like David, who is going to make it so dark and cool and different, just to me, that sounded like exactly what I thought they should be doing with comic book movies. I was on board. And you know, fortunately the end product [became] something even better than I could have ever imagined.


I think I’m more excited than anyone about this movie. I’m not even going to pretend to play it cool. I am dying to see it. When people are like “I can’t wait to see it.” I’m like “You’ve got no idea, I want to see it more than you do!” I think it’s going to be so cool, and I just love that there’s a chick character who’s that badass, and who’s actually, like funnier and crazier and stronger than some of the males. I think that rarely happens.

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