Metallo to Appear on Supergirl


With Supergirl season 2 currently filming it’s no surprise that some behind the scenes footage would be captured giving fans an insight on what’s to come for the upcoming season that will be airing on The CW. In this case, some behind the scenes footage has surfaced showing us a fight between Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Metallo, though it hasn’t been disclosed who’s playing Metallo.

Metallo has had a few origins, but most notable one was a con man named John Corban, who after a freak accident had his brain transplanted into a Kryptonite powered Body. In recent years and more than likely the version we will see, mainly Secret Origins and New 52, John Corban works under the military command of General Sam Lane.

Metallo has been portrayed a few times in live action, Michael Callan, played the Roger Corban version of Metallo on The Adventures of Superboy, who despite having a different name was basically the Bronze Age version. He often times teamed up with other villains, such as Lex Luthor and even Superboy.

Scott Valentine played Johnny Corben on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. In this one shot appearance he is introduced as a criminal who is currently dating Lucy Lane, Lois’ younger sister. This version of the character was more of a mold of the Bronze Age and John Byrne’s revamp of the character.

Brian Austin Green, played John Corban on Smallville. This version was mainly based on the Second Silver Age version as he is a journalist. However, despite having a villainous run in with Clark Kent as The Blur he does turn out to be less of a villain and more of an anti-hero.

METALLO CREATED BY Robert Bernstein (Writer), Al Plastino (Artist)

FIRST APPEARANCE: Action Comics #252 (May 1959)

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