Michael E. Uslan Discusses “Dark” Success in Batman Films


Michael E. Uslan, author of The Boy Who Loved Batman and the man behind the success the character of Batman has had on the big screen by Producing all the Batman films, including the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice spoke with the Korea Creative Content Agency’s “Content Insight” lecture series, about how his love and passion for the character has allowed him to change how comic book films in the Hollywood industry were being treated.

Anyone who was alive at the time quickly saw a change as not only did Batman from 1989, directed by Tim Burton immediately get a sequel with Batman Returns and  Batman: The Animated Series mirroring the dark tone, but also caused other characters to be brought to life based around the same tone, such as The Flash the televisions series, then eventually with The Crow and Blade films.

Here are some excerpts from the discussion:

“I’d been waiting so long for this Batman show to come on TV and I was downstairs in our basement den when that show came on; and when it did, I was simultaneously thrilled and horrified by what I was seeing on that screen,” he continued.
“Because as a fan of comic books, superheroes and Batman, I realized that they were making Batman into a joke; that the whole world was laughing at Batman and that just killed me. So that night downstairs in our basement, I made a vow — just like Bruce Wayne once made a vow. … I made a vow that somehow, someday, I would show the world what the true Batman was.”

“Every single studio told me that I was crazy … that it was the worst idea they had ever heard,” he said. “They said I was crazy because no comic book had ever been treated seriously before, that superheroes could not possibly be portrayed in a dark way.“

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