NBC Cancels Powerless and Will Not Be Airing Final 3 Episodes


NBC has decided to pull the DC Sitcom series Powerless off the air and at this moment, according to show-runner Patrick Schumacker, NBC has no plans to air the final 3 episodes. This also comes after announcing they have decided to cancel the series.

This is the third time NBC has passed on a show based in the world of DC Comics, with the first two being Wonder Woman starring Adrienne Palicki in 2013, which never got to actually air its pilot episode and Constantine starring Matt Ryan in 2015.

It’s safe to say with the type of shows NBC airs that they are not truly ready to have a comic book series on their network.

Luckily with Warner Bros. announcing a DC Brand streaming service in 2018 we may not have to worry about NBC trying to pick up another title just to cancel it.

Source: HollywoodReporter.com

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