New Details About Canceled Batman vs Superman Film


Mr. Sunday Movies a YouTube page that feature Will from Will’s War series of videos, had released in animation details about the canceled Batman vs Superman film, which was written by Akiva Goldsman (who was the writer on Batman & Robin) and set to be released in 2004 before Superman Returns.

Recently they returned with a new video further exploring the ideas we were going to see:

From the sounds of what they tell us, which is assumed some of it is exaggerated or would have been altered it’s a good thing the film wasn’t made. Many blame Joel Schumacher for the Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, but it was Akiva Goldsman who gave those characters the dialogue and backgrounds. It boggles my mind how Warner Bros. thought going back with him would have been a good idea. Superman Returns is no masterpiece either but it at least has a working story, even if it is just a rehash of earlier films.

Eric Curto
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