Nicolas Cage Shares Thoughts on Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad


Nicolas Cage, who is known for being a huge Superman fan spoke with Collider about his newest film Army of One, and during the interview he was asked about how he felt about the current comic book genre of films.

I’ve spoken to you a few times in the past about superhero movies. I know you’re a huge superhero fan what’s your take on the current superhero genre? Have you been watching Batman V Superman, the Marvel movies? Have you been enjoying them… what’s your take on all of them?

CAGE: I thought Civil War was excellent. I thought Batman v Superman was excellent. I thought Will Smith was great in Suicide Squad. I think that the genre is in good shape.

Cage has played Ghost Rider in the two theatrical films and began work on the Superman Lives film for Tim Burton that sadly never got made, however there has been a documentary made about the unfinished film called “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?”

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