Nicolas Cage to Play Superman in Teen Titans Go! to the Movies


It appears that the world of DC Animation is where actors get to fulfill the roles they were once supposed to play as in The Lego Batman Movie, Billy Dee Williams got to voice Two-Face, a role he was supposed to play in the second Tim Burton Batman movie, Batman Returns after playing Harvey Dent in the first movie.

Director of Batman Forever Joel Schumacher bought Williams out of that contract, for Tommy Lee Jones to then play the role.

Than Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar returned to their roles from the 60’s Batman television series in the animated films Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders and Batman Vs Two-Face.

Now Nicolas Cage gets the opportunity to voice Superman in the Teen Titans Go! to the Movies film coming out on July 27, 2018. In an interview with USA Today, Executive Producer Sam Register stated the following:

“Every superhero in the DC Universe has an impact on the fans, so we felt a great responsibility to find a voice for each character that would not only suit the role, but the playful tone of the Titans, and we’re thrilled with our cameo cast”

Nicolas Cage is a massive Superman fan, naming his son Kal-El after the Kryptonian name of Superman. In the 90’s Tim Burton casted him as Superman in Superman Lives but Warner Bros. pulled the plug for the movie at the last-minute.

A documentary on the collapse of the film by Jon Schnepp called The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?! gave new interest in the project again. Before this announcement there‘s been whispers of making Superman Lives into an animated film.

Source: USA Today 

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