Patty Jenkins Officially Directing the Wonder Woman Sequel


According to Variety, Patty Jenkins has officially signed on to direct the sequel to Wonder Woman, which has the release date of December 13, 2019. 

The Hollywood Reporter also added to the announcement by stating she will also produce the sequel, along with her co-writing credit, this shows she has more creative control than with the first film. It also looks like Jenkins will be given a substantial pay raise, including writing and producing fees, along with backend pay to the sum of around $7-9 million dollar range.

Warner Bros. is well aware that Jenkins film helped to give renewed faith in the DC Extended Universe brand and some much-needed break for those who love the films and had to deal with the negativity for the franchise.

Wonder Woman went on to become the DC Extended Universe surprise hit with both critics and fans and is now one of the Top 5 superhero film at the box office domestically. It’s now at $816 million World Wide and has a good chance at ending around $820 million.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter and  Variety 

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