SDCC: Milestone Media & DC Entertainment, Together Again


News of DC’s triumphant takeover of San Diego Comic Con continues to trickle in, and in this case, it’s Milestone-related.

Much was revealed at the Milestone 2.0 panel, that might prove to be relevant for both Milestone and DC fans alike.

Some of the most relevant info being:

  • Milestone will be returning to DC, in the form of its own separate Earth, known as Earth-M. In regards to where Earth-M fits in DC’s map of the Multiverse, it was stated that there are still 7 Earth slots open of the 52 Earths.


  • Earth-M will make its way to readers in the form of graphic novels, one-shots, and limited series.


  • The Milestone & DC merger has actually been in the works for several years. There were times when various DC creators wanted to use certain Milestone characters for their stories (Geoff Johns was mentioned specifically, but creators such as Gail Simone and Grant Morrison had voiced such desires in times past), only to be told that the characters were off-limits at the time.


  • static-figureAfter much adieu, Milestone figures will finally be available via DC Collectibles. A prototype of Static Shock was displayed at the SDCC DC booth. One can only assume that more figures and other items from Milestone are on the way.


  • Numerous DC creators (writers, artists and inkers) have offered to work on future Milestone projects, the likes of Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Grant Morrison, artist Ken Lashley, Cyborg writer David Walker (both Lashley and Walker were in the audience at the panel), inker Bill Sienkiewicz, among others.


  • Milestone characters will remain on their own separate earth, until things get rolling. There’s a chance that we’ll see them interact in the mainstream DCU, but that all depends upon fan support.


  • Tcomic_con_panelhere’s a possibility, however slight, that Milestone characters could join the DCEU, though nothing was directly stated, beyond the customary ‘I can’t talk about the DCEU’ statement from Geoff Johns (who, along with DC Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan Didio was present at the panel).


  • Actor Orlando Jones, who was moderating the panel, made inferences about his interest in the Black Lightning character. Possibly up for a role?


  • The Static Shock live action series is still underway, though nothing specific to announce yet.


The return of Milestone with DC represents some exciting times. So, which aspects of this are you most excited for? Which Milestone characters are you most interested in? Sound off in the comments below.


Sources: DC EntertainmentMilestone Media | Comic Book Resources

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