Adam “Edge” Copeland Cast as Atom-Smasher on The Flash


We reported earlier about leaked set photos from The Flash, featuring a masked villain as well as the actor under the mask being former WWE Superstar Edge. Now we are getting confirmation that he is in fact playing Atom-Smasher learned exclusive from The CW, the identity of the villain we saw in the photos of the casting.

In the comics, Atom-Smasher is a hero. Al Rothstein, grandson to the villain Cyclotron, is godson to Al Pratt, the Golden Age hero known as The Atom before Ray Palmer took on the name. Prior to becoming Atom-Smasher, Rothstein operated as Nuklon. During The Flash executive producer Geoff Johns’ time on JSA, Rothstein briefly took on a vengeful and unhinged personality following the murder of his mother, eventually traveling back in time to save her. That storyline seems like it has a lot of potential given the over-arching story of The Flash last year.
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