Sir Ian McKellen Gives His Opinion on Superman


Sir Ian McKellen known by many for his role as Magneto in the X-Men movie franchise, spoke recently with UPROXX on his opinion on Superman and how it differs from his X-Men universe, they discussed the place comic book films were in at the time:

Were you hesitant to do the first X-Men? I know you worked with Bryan Singer on Apt Pupil, but comic-book movies were in a bad place then, following a Batman movie no one liked.


That’s true, yeah.

I know Bryan Singer had a vision for the film. But it was different then.


Well, he persuaded me. X-Men was about something. Superman isn’t really about anything. It’s a joke. The nerd changes his underpants and becomes a Superman. That’s James Bond: “Shaken, not stirred,” silly, stupid, British twit… and then, Action Man! But X-Men is about the problems of being a mutant. And we’ve all felt we’re mutants on occasion. So, that was the hook for me. And don’t forget, I didn’t have to sign to do anymore than one; I’m just doing a movie.

Sir Ian McKellen is a terrific actor I have a lot of respect for him and the roles he’s taken, Apt. Pupil is a great film with him in it, but I will have to say he doesn’t seem to know much about the character of Superman if all he sees is a nerd who takes his pants off. If he reads this I would suggest to him to read a few choice titles such as Superman: Red Son, All Star SupermanWhat’s So Funny About Truthand Justice & the American Way?, which all showcase Superman going through a conflict between his morals and what the world expects from him.

Eric Curto
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