Superman: The Movie – Extended Cut and Special Edition Cut to Be Release


Warner Archives who often releases rarely seen films in bare bones form, announced that the long sought after Extended Television Cut of Superman: The Movie is going to be released on Blu-Ray.

Back in the 1980’s when Superman: The Movie was released on TV airing over a two night event, dubbed “The Salkinds International Extended Cut”, added over 40 minutes of scenes not seen in the theatrical cut. Since than, this version of the film has not been seen much since and only available through fan made bootlegs.

The release will also give the 2001 Special Edition, which featured several minutes of new footage, as well as the special features offered on the disc from earlier releases.

This explains why the Special Edition version of the film won’t be available on the 9 Disc Blu-Ray Collection of the classic Superman & Batman films that was just announced as well.

No release date was given but when asked when this will get released and they said next month, but they haven’t officially announced it just incase the release date is changed. So stay tuned for any updates.

Eric Curto
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