The 90’s Flash Series Could Connect to CW’s Flash


Recently Comic Book Resources spoke with Andrew Kreisberg about the possibility that we can one day see a crossover or connection of sorts with The Flash that aired on CBS in the 90’s and The Flash that currently airs on The CW.

“I don’t know. At what point do you get so meta that the whole thing collapses?” Kreisberg said.

“I mean look, we’re always open to anything and everything. I don’t want to sit here and say never and then two years later going, “A-ha, yeah.” But we definitely have plans, and everyone who, from the old show, who’s been on for us, it really has been a dream. And none of them have — if it was just a gimmick or like a wink and a nod to the past, I don’t think any of them would work.”

Kreisberg also explained how Shipp’s role as The Flash’s father will affect the rest of the story and Barry Allen’s quest to find justice.

“And John Wesley Shipp was just such an amazing actor. And Barry’s father, it’s a pivotal, important role, and you’ve seen the emotion that that’s played out of it. My favorite scenes throughout the season have been those scenes between John and Grant [Gustin], especially that scene at the end of episode twelve where John just as much told Grant that he knew he was the Flash without actually saying it. And that wouldn’t have worked if John was just some bad actor who was on a bad show from 20 years ago.”

It’s no surprise to us here at DC Comics Movie that alternate universes and time travel can very well bring on the possibility of seeing old shows, more specificallyJohn Wesley Shipp as The Flash could make a return in some form, it’s also been in our heads that the appearances of Amanda Pays (Dr Tina Magee), Mark Hamill (The Trickster) and Vito D’Ambrosio (Officer/Mayor Bellows) returning as their 1990’s counterpart could also hint that we may see that.

If this does in fact happen, let’s hope we see Alex Desert return as Julio, that would be great.


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