The Joker Standalone Script Could Be Turned in by Next Week


Justin Kroll writer for Variety went on twitter to say he has heard that the script for the Joker origin film by Todd Phillips and Martin Scorsese could be turned in to Warner Bros. by next week and that this could mean its up for a 2018 shoot.

Kroll does express that this is pretty fast considering the project had recently been unofficially announced not too long ago, but as we all know projects are often discussed for a while and moves along before it’s announced to the public.

This Joker film will be separate from the DC Extended Universe and feature a different version of The Joker, not Jared Leto’s Joker featured in Suicide Squad.

Keep In mind this was on his social media and has not been released as a Variety article, so more details are likely to follow, so stay tuned.

Eric Curto
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