The Killing Joke Animated Feature Coming 2016


It is official, finally after so many years The Killing Joke has just been confirmed to be in the making for a 2016 release.

Bruce Timm announced the good news on Friday at Comic Con, no official word yet on Mark Hamill but it’s almost guaranteed he will be the voice as he has said numerous times he wants in on that adaptation.

For those unaware, The Killing Joke is one of the most well-known “origin” story for The Joker, it also features the moment where Barbara Gordon was shot and paralyzed which would later cause her to become The Oracle, leader of the Birds of Prey. The story was written by Alan Moore, who is infamous for not caring for adaptations of his work.

The short-lived TV Series The Birds of Prey featured a short adaptation of this classic story in the pilot. Dinah Meyer played Barbara Gordon in the series, with Mark Hamill voicing The Joker, as Roger Stoneburner stood in as the character.

Eric Curto
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