Titans Retitled and Filming Start Date?


Very little has been known on Titans since Geoff Johns confirmed that there was a live action in development but now we may have some more information as a title has possibly been revealed and a start date for filming.

According to Season Zero, filming will start to begin in May in Toronto, Canada and has been retitled Blackbirds, which I feel will just be the title of the pilot, since not all members have a bird motif.

Another detail is that Colton Haynes may in fact be returning as Roy Harper/Arsenal, which would make sense since his character has left recently on Arrow. This would also make it a crossover network series, something we last saw with UPN and WB with Buffy the Vampire  Slayer (UPN) and Angel (WB). Seeing as Warner Bros. owns both The CW and TNT, it’s not out of the realm of possibilities.

Please take all of this with a grain of salt, they don’t reveal any sources so it’s possible could be misinformation.

Source: Season-Zero.com

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