Tom Welling Supports St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital with Smallville Connection


Tom Welling has always been known to not be a very public person, enjoying his privacy and rarely giving interviews and even rarer making personal videos.

That is no longer the case as he has gone on Facebook to show off his “No Flights, No Tights” shirts in support of the St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

The tagline is what Smallville used when it aired from 2001-2011 to explain the intent on making sure audiences know that we won’t see Clark Kent fly until the finale as he isn’t Superman until than. Of course fans know that was not true as the writer’s would find ways to have him fly in a way, but we do see he never wears any tights, even in the finale, the Superman suit was CGI when it was on him and Brandon Routh’s suit when we see it in the fortress of solitude.


You can show your support as well by going to No Flights, No Tights Represent website where you can buy a T-Shirt with all proceeds going to the charity.

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